Is Serviced Accommodation Really as Great as People Make It to Be?

If you are someone who travels a lot or at least a few times during the year, you must have heard the term serviced accommodation in recent times. That’s because this sector of accommodation and lodging is becoming more and more popular with travelers. In most cases, you hear people saying that these options are better than hotels. So, let’s understand what this type of accommodation is and why people love it so much.

Understanding Serviced Accommodation

Serviced accommodation is more like renting an entire house with all the amenities and furnishings that you need. They are apartments or homes with services that are identical to what you get in luxury hotel rooms. You will get access to Wi-Fi, large screen TVs with cable packages, Jacuzzis, kitchens, bathrooms, bathtubs, etc.

Why Serviced Accommodation

You need to understand that people are now okay with the idea of booking their accommodation themselves. For this reason, they are now exploring all the options available to them. They have realized that serviced accommodation provides them with all the amenities and luxuries of a hotel stay at a cost that’s much lower. Why wouldn’t you go for such an option?

Serviced accommodation offers them privacy because when you stay in such a property, you get more rooms than just one and a dedicated kitchen as well. You can cook your meals as you wish and enjoy private time in your separate rooms. All the bedding materials, linen, etc. are provided to you by the owner of the serviced accommodation.

Housekeeping is not a problem when you hire a serviced apartment or studio. Most of these services come with housekeeping within the package.

Final Thoughts

Unless you have a fondness of staying in high-rise buildings and going several floors up and down every time you enter or leave your place of stay, there is no visible benefit of staying at an expensive hotel and not pick serviced accommodation.

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