These are Not Valid Excuses to Cancel a Planned Trip  

It is quite unfortunate if you have planned the details of a trip and it does not happen. You have already thought of what will happen, and you are excited that after preparing for a while, it will soon materialise.

The problem is that it might still not happen for some reason. Unless there is a dire need to cancel the trip, you cannot allow anything to stop it. These reasons are not enough for you to not carry on with the planned trip.

Lack of funds

You decided not to join your friends on a trip because you did not save enough money. Although it seems like a valid excuse, it is not. You can borrow money from someone first and pay them back later. You can also limit your expenses by sticking to your budget. If you always worry about money, you will not have enough to pursue a trip.

No time 

The reason why you planned this trip well was that you needed to ask for permission from your boss so that you could travel on the given dates. Therefore, it is unfair for your boss to overturn that decision and require you to work suddenly. You need to insist that you already planned the trip and it is too late to cancel. If your reason is that you have a lot of pending tasks, they can wait. You will not take too much time to travel, and it does not often happen. It is okay if you become selfish this time and forget work to relax and have fun instead.

You are tired from work

If this is your excuse, you have even more reasons to pursue the trip. You need a break from work. You cannot be productive when you are not physically and mentally doing well. When you return to the office after this needed break, you will feel refreshed and ready to face the tasks you need to finish.

You forgot to book a hotel room

It is also not an excuse if you forgot to book a south kensington hotels room. There are still a lot of places for you to book at the last minute. Besides, you are dividing the expenses among your friends. You will still not end up paying a lot even if you do not receive discounts for the hotel booking. Also, you do not need to stick to a hotel room. You can find other options like one of the large houses for rent at It might be expensive, but it is enough to fit you and your friends. It also has everything that you need for an enjoyable trip.

Given these reasons, you do not have any excuse for not pursuing your trip. You might not have the same opportunity again. If you were lucky enough to find time to travel with your friends, you need to grab the chance. If you keep coming up with excuses, you might get used to it and not go on any trip at all.


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