The Hilton Garden Inn Oshkosh, WI

At A Glance:
Enjoy good food and fine accommodations while having a blast visiting the nearby attraction Oshkosh offers when you book a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Oshkosh. Drink be, be merry and simply enjoy the good life during your stay. The Wittman Regional Airport and the Oshkosh Public Museum is located a few steps away from the hotel area.

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You Should Know:

  • Airport shuttle in the property
  • Telephone in all rooms
  • Climate control in hotel rooms
  • Indoor swimming pool for entertainment
  • Fitness center in the property
  • Baggage storage facilities onsite
  • Pampering Jacuzzi onsite

In and Around:

  • The St. Agnes Hospital is located nearby
  • Visit the nearby Oshkosh Public Museum
  • Spend time at the Wisconsin Aviation Museum
  • Frolic at the nearby Paine Art Center and Gardens
  • The Monarch Gardens Banquet captivates tourists
  • The Wittman Regional Airport is also situated nearby

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