Make Air Travel Easier with these Airport Hacks

From full airport parking to long lines at the check-in counters, many things can make your life at the airport a living hell. Whether you are a novice or frequent traveler, keep on reading and learn from the hacks we’ll share to take the headache out of air travel.

  1.  Book Your Parking in Advance

It is good if you can bring your car to the airport. This allows you to save money and time. For most people, however, one thing that hinders them from doing this is the fear that finding a parking spot will be a pain. LAX parking can be a nightmare, but the good news is that there is an option for you to book in advance. This way, all that you have to do is to arrive at the airport and find your designated spot. No more waiting!

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2.  Bring an Empty Water Bottle

If you want to save money while doing something good for the environment as well, bring a water bottle to the airport. The initial screening will ask you to empty the water, but you can take the bottle with you. Once inside the airport, you can refill it since most airports have drinking fountains available.

3.  Avoid Metal

This is one of the best airport hacks to help you get through the airport security quickly and without much of a hassle. If you are wearing belts and shoes with metal, chances are, the metal detector will alarm, and you will be asked to take them off. This can be time-consuming, especially if you are running late.

4.  Stand on the Left

If you want to spend lesser time at the security check, know where to stand. It is best to go to the farthest left side of the security check. Most people are right-handed, so their intuition makes them turn to the right, leaving the left side empty. This is a good way to speed up your way through security without paying expensive memberships for TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry.

5.  Dress Appropriately

This is one of the most underestimated airport hacks that can make your air travel easier. It is best to wear pants when you are at the airport. It is often cold, so it will be good to have something to cover your legs. You should also bring a jacket or sweater in case the temperature becomes harder for you to handle. A scarf is also a versatile accessory that you can have, which can double as a blanket on your flight.

Consider our suggestions above to have a good time at the airport and prevent the nightmares most travelers experience when they come unprepared. From airport parking to dressing properly, these tips will get rid of stress from your travels.

Bonus Hack: If you are heading to LAX, the infographic below can come handy to know the airport better.

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LAX airport infographic


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