Why You Should Renting A Villa Is The Best Option When You’re Visiting Mexico

A trip to Mexico doesn’t have to break your budget, in fact, it can be done on a budget if you do it right. These tips will help you to save money and find the right villa for your Mexico vacation. Renting a villa is the best choice if you want to save money on your trip, it will also afford you a lot more privacy and if you have some rambunctious kids or want privacy on a honeymoon, this is definitely the route to go.

Benefits Of A Villa

A villa can readily surpass the service and the amount of space that you can anticipate in a regular hotel. You’ll have plenty of personal attention and most of the villas offer concierge services, a private chef or chefs, security, and maids. Villa rentals aren’t just for those travelers who have a lot of money to spend, there are many great affordable deals in villa rentals. A luxury villa in a decent location like the beach will come complete with a pool, lots of space, staff that will wait on you hand and foot, maid service and your own personal chef or chefs. No hotel is going to be able to give you this kind of service.

At a hotel, you’re going to have to pay for your food, and unless you get a great package deal you’re also going to have to pay for your amenities as well as any trips that you wish to take. A villa covers all of this and more. Consider the price break down per person, per room and you’ll see that you’re going to be paying far less and getting far more for your money. Don’t forget to calculate meals into the equation, meals can eat the budget up very quickly.

If it’s luxury you’re looking for, this is definitely the way to go. If you’re willing to book as far as three months in advance, you’ll be able to save even more. Hotels don’t drop their rates until they have locked in a specific level of occupancy. This may only give you one or two nights notice before your trip, so you want to know where you’re staying and save money and you can do just that if you rent a villa. Villas will book out far in advance, so you’ll have plenty of great options at plenty of great prices if you choose a villa for your stay.

A villa from https://enjoymexico.net is more homelike than a hotel. You’ll be living in your own “home” during your stay in lieu of staying in a hotel room. Upon arrival, your villa will be ready and waiting as opposed to a hotel room that may require you to wait while your room is prepared.

The Timing Of Your Trip

Saving money is all about the timing. If you’re willing to set your visit out a few months, you can often save hundreds of dollars on your trip. Another great thing about timing is that if you book your visit during off-peak seasons you’ll also be able to save a small fortune.

Peak travel seasons for Mexico will vary by region so be sure that you’re checking the different dates before you book your visit. For some regions, this will mean a weekend visit, still, other regions will be far less expensive if you book your arrival and departure midweek. Check out the different options before you commit yourself to any date.

Dining In Mexico

If your villa doesn’t have a chef, or if you prefer to dine out, learn to dine out like the locals. Those who are willing to eat and drink like the locals find that they can save a lot of money, often as much as several hundred dollars. There are many great local eateries that offer local cuisine for a fraction of the cost.

Seek these locations out if you’re trying to save money on your dining. Even if your villa offers a chef, you may wish to sample some local cuisine and try out a few different eateries. Ask your chef or staff at the villa for some recommendations and follow them. You could also ask the taxi driver, locals and any other staff member for suggestions.

Additional Tips And Benefits Of A Villa

Of course, privacy is a huge benefit to a villa. You won’t have to share the surroundings with anyone but your family.

Everything that you need will be close at hand whereas a hotel may require that you walk a great distance to get to the beach or someplace that you wish to see.

There’s a villa for every budget so you won’t have to stress over staying within your budget. You’ll have more time to find your villa the sooner you begin your search.

Different villas have different amenities, so you can select one with the things that you’re interested in. This will also affect the price so you’re in full control of your budget at all times.

The decor in a villa is authentic and historical.

Write out your expectations before you shop, that way, you can determine what you will and won’t compromise on when you’re looking for a villa.

If you must have a pool state that. If you must have a beachfront villa, state that. You can pick and choose from a myriad of options once you have all of your parameters set in place.

Focus on what your absolute must-haves are and prioritize them from 1 being the most important to 10 being something that you can take or leave. It will help you greatly when you’re shopping for the right villa.

Don’t forget to note how many bedrooms you’ll require. Not all villas offer the same number of bedrooms.

Consider all-inclusive deals that include transportation, meals, concierge services and more. Some will even give you a tour guide for a few tours of the region.

Don’t forget to note if it needs to be handicapped accessible. If someone in your party has a disability, you’ll want to make sure that the accommodations will be compatible for that person.

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