Saving Tips for a Budget-Friendly Las Vegas Trip

How to Have a Good Time in the Sin City without Spending Tons of Money

With all that you can find in the Sin City, it seems to be giving an impression that only those with fat bank accounts can have a Las Vegas holiday. However, this is not always true. You can still find the best deals in town without spending all your fortune. What you need is careful planning and mindful spending. There are more to see in Vegas beyond its casinos and nightclubs. Explore the city and get around on and off the strip without emptying your purse. The town is all about entertainment and you can always find things to do and have a great time even if there is only a few dollars left in your pocket.

“While the city is known for its casinos, a smart Las Vegas tourist will know if and when he has extra money to lose. Not everyone who leaves the town gets richer.”

Las Vegas has claimed to be the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and is known around the globe for being a major resort city for night clubs and gambling. While it may be true that there are over-the-top suites, restaurants and attractions in the Sin City, you can still have a cost-efficient Vegas trip by taking up the money-saving tips below.

  • Old hotels, like Monte Carlo and Excalibur that are situated on the strip might have been less desirable but they are still worth trying. If you want a cheaper lodge, there will be lots of options to choose from. However, since it is off the strip, you will be a bit away from the action. Book your hotel room with and save on your Las Vegas stay. They offer personalized travel planning and help you to find hotels to fit any budget
  • Check out the free things you can do in town. Visiting some famous landmarks and tourist spots do not cost a cent. For instance, you can go to Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Garden for free or see the Fountains of Bellagio. Treasure Island launch free pirate shows as well, just like a circus show at Circus Circus.
  • Dining in Las Vegas can be quite but if you do not want to overindulge in foods served in restaurant, you can live on pizzas and hamburgers. Another option is taking advantage of eat-all-you-can passes. Better yet, opt for hotel rooms with kitchenettes so you can save money in dining out.
  • Getting around the city on a taxi is a surefire way to end up penniless. It may be convenient yes but prices continue to go up the longer you are caught in a traffic jam. You can either try renting a car or get on in an adventure by trying the bus and other means of transportation in Vegas.
  • Drinking and gambling seems to be closely associated in visiting Vegas but they can be ridiculously expensive. If you must try it, you can opt for the cheapest slot machines and take a free drink.

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