Five Things you need to Start your Travel Blog

We are prudish when we start our travel blogs. We do not know what to share, and often we do not want to share a lot either. Either way, we hide the things we should be sharing with the world.

Get this; a proper article can mean someone else in this world would get the same experience you had with the traveling and maybe, become a traveler too. You would make loads of friends who travel and always have someone to accompany you when travel gets lonely.

So, what are the five things you need to start a travel blog, well, here it goes.

1. A good camera

They tell you true nomads don’t need to document their journeys. Well, you don’t need to listen to them. If nomads did not take pictures, half of the world would remain unexplored.

So, get yourself a good camera, find your perfect spot and start taking pictures. Blogs sell more when you have pictures.

There’s a lot of reward in travel blogging, but, my favorite remains when a reader experiences the same thing I have, and that one fact will never be plausible without pictures.

2. An Expanded palette

Sure, you can choose to remain confined to your English bacon and egg breakfast. However, you only go on vacation once or twice a year so, it’s probably time to gear up and expand your palette.

Visit the risque restaurants and try out local cuisines. You will return to thank me when you find that your comfort food was hidden in an old Vietnamese shop at the end of the road.

3. Trip Planners

Travelers plan their trips down to the last meticulous detail, and that is necessary. You don’t get to have adventures if you don’t have enough plans in place.

Get yourself a trip planner, work out your entire trip and have as many adventures as your stomach can digest.

4. A Journal

You can blog from most places in the world now. But, your readers don’t expect you to be blogging from the jungle or some remote desert. Get yourself a journal that can provide you with space to keep your thoughts down at the end of the day.

With the adventures, you will be having. It would be easy to forget what happened where, and details during travel blogging are of utmost importance.

5. A rucksack

No one travels with suitcases anymore. A backpack is what you need to be a nomad who can move on from place to place. Also, it is convenient that these can be carried on treks through the jungle and other things.

That way you can preserve all the things you might need when things go bad by any misfortune,

With these things in your bag and a larger than life spirit in your mind, you would take to travel blogging like fish to water. Remember, planning does not mean you are somehow depriving your readers.

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