Vacationing for Thrill Seekers: What you Have to Do

Traveling should be an opportunity to unwind and have fun, a chance to let loose and forget about your routines. Do not be afraid to try something new. Be bold, and for sure, you will question yourself why you have not tried a lot of things yet. That being said, if you are seeking a thrill, read on and we’ll share with you some of the best things to do.

Chase Ghosts 

If you love watching horror movies and enjoy listening to scary stories, one thing that you should try is a haunted tour. One of the best providers of such is Colonial Ghosts, which gained popularity in Virginia for their one-of-a-kind Williamsburg Ghost Tours. It includes a visit to some of the creepiest places in the city, including cemeteries, jails, and hospitals that have been used during the period of war. More than sightings, this will also give you the chance to talk to ghosts!

Ready to start chasing ghosts? Visit their website at and book a ticket today!

Try White Water Rafting

There are many places that are promising if you want to go white water rafting, but one of the best is Livingstone in Zambia, which is considered as a paradise for adrenaline junkies. Rafting in its exciting rapids is an experience that you will surely share with your friends over and over. It is made more exciting by the fact that there are hippos and crocodiles around. While you are already in Livingstone, you might also want to try the infamous Devil’s Pool, which is a part of the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Ski from a Helicopter

A word of warning – this is not for beginners. If you are an experienced skier and you would like to try something new, heli-skiing is for you. The best place to do this is in Whistler in Canada, which is said to attract 90% of heli-skiers from around the world annually. As the helicopter flies above the slopes, you will jump and ski once you land!

Dive with the Whale Sharks

For those who are into diving, this is a must when it comes to thrilling experiences to try. While there are many places where you can have an up close and personal encounter with the whale sharks, some of the best to check include Isla Holbox in Mexico, Utila in Honduras, Donsol Bay in the Philippines, and Tofo Beach in Mozambique. Be responsible enough to follow rules, such as to not touch their body and to not use flash photography.

Go Bungee Jumping 

If you do not fear heights, this is the best activity for you. Basically, you will be suspended in a harness and you will jump freely. Among others, New Zealand is one of the most popular places to try bungee jumping, a country that is known for its idyllic landscapes. The Kawarau Bridge has been a favorite jumping point for almost three decades now.

Take your vacation to the next level by trying the activities that have been mentioned above!

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