6 Unique Bucket List Ideas

Creating a bucket list is a popular concept that people use to help them identify major goals, dreams, and tasks they want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket.” While you can find some common ideas online that are shared by almost everyone, you may be on the hunt for more unique list additions to help you find some variation and create something that is true to you. If you are starting your own list and you are struggling to come up with your own unique ideas, here are six unique bucket list ideas that you can use for yourself.


Travel to Hawaii to Surf

Surfing is known to be an adrenaline-fueled pastime in which plenty of people find excitement and beauty. What better place to tackle waves than in Hawaii? Hawaii is a beautiful place that offers a ton of activities and spots for tourists to experience and visit. So, not only will you be able to surf Hawaii, you will also be able to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations and cross that off of your bucket list as well. If you’re big on tropical destinations, waves, and adrenaline, visiting Hawaii to surf or just visiting to visit should be one of the things that you add to your list.

Keep in mind, however, that surfing in Hawaii is a lot more intense than some other places. The waves are much bigger and are much more likely to cause damage if you are not accustomed to them. If you are new to surfing or if you’ve never surfed before, make sure to get lessons before you try to tackle those large Hawaiian waves!


Going Back to College (or Going for the First Time)

For some people, college is not an opportunity that they were able to pursue when they were younger. For others, college may have been something that they were working on, only to have life get in the way and prevent them from finishing. Whether you were someone who was not able to go or who was not able to finish, getting your degree might be a goal that you want to add to your bucket list. There are tons of degrees out there for people who are the artistic type to those who want to pursue a STEM education. No matter what you are looking to achieve with your degree, finishing college is often a great experience for everyone.


That being said, going back to college can be a long process. You have to figure out all of the financial aspects, decide on which college you want to go to, go through the application process, and then figure out all of the other logistical puzzle pieces that come with going to college. If this is truly a goal for you and you just need help going through the process, take a look at college websites for advice. They will typically have detailed guides that will take you through the step-by-step process of going back to college or applying for the first time.


Propose Abroad

You know what’s even more special than proposing in your home country? Proposing abroad! There are plenty of amazing places out in the world that would make amazing places to pop the question. Maybe your significant other is in love with the charm of France. Maybe your future wife or husband absolutely loves the appeal of Australia. Maybe you could even purchase one of the custom engagement rings in Brisbane to take things one step further and truly make it a unique engagement. The only limit to what you can do to make this the most special moment of both of your lives is your imagination!


Check Out Florida’s Gulf Coast

Another popular tourist location, there are plenty of amazing and beautiful places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast. In fact, Florida’s coast is littered with plenty of stunning beaches, great culinary experiences, and high-quality hotels to stay while you are visiting. Whether you want to go fishing near Boca Grande or go to St. Petersburg to try out their unique cuisine and experience the city-styled culture, Florida’s Gulf Coast has a lot to offer for those who are looking to add unique experiences to their bucket list.

For those who are interested in adding Florida’s Gulf Coast to their bucket list, it is best to visit Florida beaches during the spring. This is the time when there is the lowest chance of rain and when the temperature of the water is the warmest. Of course, this won’t be too much of an issue for those who are not used to the tropical weather and who are visiting to escape the winter!


Visit the Visually Striking State of Oregon

Oregon is a very beautiful state filled to the brim with gorgeous oceans and large forests, and it is definitely a destination for those who want to go camping and experience the best things that nature has to offer. If you’re someone who loves to just enjoy the sights and sounds of the world, you might want to go visit the Crater Lake National Park or stay near Mount Hood for the night. If you’re someone who enjoys the nightlife of cities, you could always stay at one of the Hotels in North Bend, OR that are located near a wide selection of casinos and other great activities. No matter what your choice of fun is, Oregon is definitely a place you should visit if you are looking to diversify your bucket list choices.


Take a Trip to Lansing, Michigan

This may come as a surprise, but there is quite a bit to do in Michigan, especially when it comes to the capital city of Lansing. Why should you visit Lansing, MI? For those who are big on history, Lansing is filled with historic buildings, museums, and old town sections that have been preserved to fascinate. Are you someone who prefers doing something over sightseeing? Lansing has a ton of attractions for activity lovers as well including zoos, science centers, and large malls. If you are someone who prefers nature, you could always visit one of Lansing’s beautiful parks. When it comes to options, you have plenty in Lansing, Michigan, making it a great destination to add to your bucket list.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also tackle some of the unique tourist destinations outside of Lansing such as the Gilmore Car Museum, the Legoland Discovery Center, or even the Greenfield Village.

Creating a bucket list can be extremely frustrating if you have no idea who you are or what you want to fill it with. It can also be frustrating to look online for bucket list ideas, only to find the same ideas regurgitated across different websites. If you need some unique ideas to add to your bucket list, use the six listed above to start building your bucket list or to give you more ideas that will help you to find what you really want to do before you “kick the bucket.” After all, this is your life and your bucket list is going to be a unique representation of you.

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